Burrill Green business security and intelligence advice.

Burrill Green K*N*O*W*-HOW ™ HUB

Following on from our very successful Security Solutions Now service, we have expanded and rebranded it to cover a wider spectrum of responses and services. As a result, the new service is entitled

K*N*O*W*- HOW ™

It is a hub that provides swift and comprehensive professional advice to resolve all types of business security and intelligence challenges. The acronym stands for

KNOWLEDGE - We have knowledge drawn from unmatched experience in Business Security and Intelligence. It is there to share.

NOW - You want advice and you want it now. Just ask us.

OPPORTUNITIES - Our advice will provide you with opportunities.

WORK - Suggested solutions will be workable, practical and affordable. The HOW, is the advice you receive from Burrill Green Associates. If you have a security or intelligence problem that is whizzing around your head and you can't quite get to the nub of it, while other priorities are pressing for your time? Contact K*N*O*W*-HOW ™.

Need a complex issue to be analysed and simplified so that you can deal with it? - Contact Us

Want to run an idea past a wise and experienced head before launching an initiative or discussion in your team or more broadly in your company? - Contact Us

Got a professional development need and wonder where to turn? - Contact Us

Any other need for a second opinion, information or guidance? - Contact Us

On contacting, you will be asked to articulate the problem/issue/topic, which will then be circulated in complete confidence to our advisers (David Burrill and one or more Burrill Green Associates). If you have an individual Burrill Green Associate in mind, please provide details. The person best able to meet your needs will quickly contact you.

Initial advice, for up to 30 minutes for a fee of £75, will be provided by telephone or email. Any additional time will be charged at £100 per hour.

Client Focus. As with all Burrill Green services, our primary client focus is centred on ExCom/C-Suite members with security responsibilities, CSOs, CISOs and other senior corporate security executives. We also advise security managers with 'top end' ambition and CSO peers in other functions who have stakeholder interests in security-related issues.

Mission: To provide outstanding on-call knowledge and the benefit of unmatched acumen in security, intelligence and resilience, to organisations and individuals in a timely manner.


•  Coaching, Mentoring and Sounding-Board provision;

•  Guidance for the preparation of key documentation for organisations e.g. policy and strategy, standards, guidelines/ procedures, structure, best practice, job specifications, crisis management plans, talent development, business plan content, convergence design, bid documents, information and cyber security etc.;

•  Templates and construction of the above key documents;

•  Development of credible and visible in-house security business intelligence and due diligence capability;

•  Personal Development advice for successful career development, team enhancement and succession planning;

•  Referral advice on best-in-class training and education services.

Burrill Green has unmatched resources to provide the above services. Our distinguished Associates have global experience and proven success as CSOs and in other senior security, military, police and intelligence roles. As consultants, we provide a full spectrum of security and business intelligence services to international clients.

Your contact Becky Burrill will put you in touch with the most suitable Burrill Green Associate for your needs.

Section principal: Becky Burrill

burrill green publications

value from security

This book "Value From Security" demonstrates what security's real capabilities are, and what needs to be done to realise them. The experiences presented have occurred in real organisations, globally, that are reaping the rewards of being at the vanguard of this new approach to security management.

crossing the line

"Crossing The Line" is about crossing the very real line that separates the worlds of public and private security and risk management. It is a guide for key players who are thinking of switching sectors and roles and moving from one kind of organisation and operating culture to another often significantly different one.

Elastic Truth.

Elastic Truth

The book, which contains and draws upon a thesis on interrogation by David Burrill, sets a contemporary context surveying ways that truth and lies are increasingly entwined and legitimised to support behaviour that is unjustifiable and offers hope through the application of some humane principles.

Career Trasition Success.

career Transition Success

How to make successful transitions between public and private sectors in corporate security and risk management, it is a guide for key players, especially at senior level. There are lessons for all potential movers and for those needing to find, keep and develop outstanding talent.