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The Burrill Green approach to security is that value added business security should be a welcome integration. As with transplants, the introduction of new security organs is not enough. It requires the full adoption of the host to make the operation a major success. Rejection weakens the whole organism.

With this in mind we believe it is essential to work closely with different and diverse groups to ensure the appropriate fit and health of security practices and behaviour in their own variations of operation, within the dominant operating culture of the overall enterprise. This means finding the correct approach and language to enable widespread specialist functional groups and services to fully understand, feel comfortable with and practise the integrated security elements that have become a critical part of their operation.

Burrill Green has spent a long time working with an enormous variety of organisations to foster and nurture the practice of world-class integrated security, and we are dedicated to continuing to serve in this way.

Our people are a global team of highly qualified and experienced associates. Every project is tailored to a specific brief or operation, and we put together teams to bring the most value efficiently to challenges and opportunities we handle.

Here are some of Burrill Green's founders' details:

David Burrill     |     Kevin Green

burrill green publications

value from security

This book "Value From Security" demonstrates what security's real capabilities are, and what needs to be done to realise them. The experiences presented have occurred in real organisations, globally, that are reaping the rewards of being at the vanguard of this new approach to security management.

crossing the line

"Crossing The Line" is about crossing the very real line that separates the worlds of public and private security and risk management. It is a guide for key players who are thinking of switching sectors and roles and moving from one kind of organisation and operating culture to another often significantly different one.

Elastic Truth.

Elastic Truth

The book, which contains and draws upon a thesis on interrogation by David Burrill, sets a contemporary context surveying ways that truth and lies are increasingly entwined and legitimised to support behaviour that is unjustifiable and offers hope through the application of some humane principles.

Career Trasition Success.

career Transition Success

How to make successful transitions between public and private sectors in corporate security and risk management, it is a guide for key players, especially at senior level. There are lessons for all potential movers and for those needing to find, keep and develop outstanding talent.