Crossing the Line - The Video


In 2012, David Burrill and Kevin Green published their book Crossing the Line which is about crossing the very real line that separates the worlds of public and private security and risk management. The book was designed to help security and intelligence professionals, especially middle to senior grade individuals, to transition successfully from a public to a private sector career. It was complemented by a DVD of the same title in which Kevin Green interviews David Burrill, prompting David to answer key questions put to him, over 35 years, by people who are contemplating the transition, decided to make it, or who had entered the private sector and were finding it difficult.

The knowledge to be gained from the interview has helped thousands of people to prepare effectively for a change of career direction. Until now the DVD, which runs for 64 minutes, could be bought only from Burrill Green.

Now, at a time when, in many parts of the world, especially in more developed countries, increasing numbers are choosing to move from the public to the private sector, we have decided to make it accessible at no cost. Simply click the image below .