Burrill Green Strategic Plan - Still Here For You

During Burrill Green's fifteen-year life we have created an unrivalled difference in our thought leadership and depth of hands-on business aligned security and intelligence practices, and we now enter the planned phase of our exit strategy. Therefore we will not be offering the full range of services previously developed.

Burrill Green will now provide two focused services until 2023 when full closure will occur. This first is mentoring for CSOs and CSO aspirants. The second is access to our associates and knowledge base for all previous clients and delegates. Both services are directed and handled by our co-founder, David Burrill [read David's bio].

For the benefit of all, David has elected to continue to offer his knowledge, experience and tacit intellectual property (what's in his head and heart!) to a select number of people. For others, we will continue to make our Newsletter Archive available online, which underscores much of what we believe and have practiced.

Intelligence-led, business integrated security can increase shareholder value, and we can demonstrate this time after time. Effective business security comes out of the anticipation of the impacts of uncertainty on the delivery of business objectives.

The Burrill Green Approach to Security and Related Intelligence

In our global strategic partnerships with PICA Corporation [more here] and Praesidio [more here] , we search constantly to find ways where security can add value to an enterprise.

We believe that the best security and intelligence practices can be a competitive asset, not simply a cost of business. To us, they must make sense, must count and must be accountable.

All our people have worked in senior corporate roles, around the world, giving us an unrivalled difference in our depth of hands-on experience.


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Burrill Green security consultants.

burrill green security consultants

Burrill Green work to help make corporate security management a competitive asset, and on getting more from your investment in it. Our approach to integrated business security not only  
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Security business school.

security business school

We provide a mentoring and coaching services, and a successful business school with a wide range of world-class and highly respected post-graduate career development programs including innovative
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Security leadership recruitment.

Security leadership recruitment

Burrill Green are respected leaders in search and selection with a unique and highly regarded range of security services designed to recruit senior security and risk management professionals
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Rapid response security service.

burrill green knowledge hub

K*N*O*W-HOW™ provides swift, comprehensive professional advice to resolve all types of business security and intelligence challenges. Complex issues analysed and simplified with unmatched experience in Business Security and Intelligence.
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